How To Use Your Conscious And Subconscious Mind


I came across something that I thought I should share with you...

Last few days, I have been going through a huge number of
questions and one question kept coming up...

And that was something truly IMPORTANT to manifestations...

In fact, even though this question seems to be about a specific
Manifestation, it actually talks about something very important
That I am going to share with you in this e-letter...

***  Question ***

Good afternoon Dr Eric

We are in the process of selling our house - but the market is very
slow at the moment & prices have dropped-  We'd like to get our
price if possible.What can I do to have the house sold.


My Comments >>>

Erika, this question is tied to a very IMPORTANT
aspect of manifestations that you can apply to any desire
beyond selling your house...

As you read this message till the end, you will see how you can
apply this to any desire...

I am going to plunge into this a bit deeper so you can see how
the trinity system works (The conscious mind, the subconscious mind,
and your belief in your higher self)

Let's start off with a question...

This question that I am about to ask is very important, because the
answer tells you which element of the trinity system you should
use and how...

Here's the question....

Is selling your house your passion? Is it a joyful activity for you?

Perhaps not...


I am sure there's a joyful end result that comes after, once you
have sold your house...

What's that "Joyful End Result" after you have sold your house?

Picture it... Is it a new house? Is it what you will do with what you
receive from selling your house? Is it about moving somewhere else
that you always wanted to?

That is something that you should ask yourself...

Even though selling your house may not be a joyful activity by its
own, but there's an end result that can be very attractive...
Something, that when you picture in your mind, it stirs great
feelings in you...

FIND that thing... That end result after selling your house

In your Manifestation Sessions and Visualizations focus on that
Joyful End Result...whatever that house? moving to a
beautiful place? being closer to loved ones?...

Once your subconscious mind is impressed with that joyful end
result, it will unleash the most POWERFUL forces in the universe
to get you there...

And guess what?

Along the way, your house gets sold, because to get to that joyous
end result your subconscious mind will find incredible ways to sell
your house...

Ways that your conscious mind couldn't have imagined...


The key is to impress your subconscious mind with the Joyful feelings...

And keep in mind:
If you impress your subconscious mind with images of selling your
house, you may find yourself being busy selling your
house all the time...You then manifest being in the state of selling
your house all the time...

That means your house won't be sold... and you don't want that, do you?

So always impress your subconscious mind with the Joyful end
result, NOT the hard steps in between...

Now, you may ask "What should I do with the hard steps in between?"

Good question!

Leave those steps to your conscious mind.

Keep taking conscious actions to sell your house...


Don't let them impress your subconscious mind...for example, by worrying

In your Manifestation Sessions have visualizations of the joyous
final result NOT images of selling a house...

That's a mistake I see some people make ...They visualize the
hard and not-so-fun steps in between and they end up manifesting
more of them...

By now, I am sure you know how this applies to any manifestation...

Yes, focus on what stirs emotions in you while you are taking actions.

After few Manifestation Sessions (or sometimes even after one, depending
on the Quality of the session), the attracting force of the Joyful result
becomes so powerful that anything in between (for example selling your
house) becomes effortless...

And as always, your belief in your Higher Self will supercharge
the whole process...

Practice the Manifestation Sessions. And remember, the QUALITY of
the Manifestation Session makes all the difference in the world...

By the way, since I am getting a lot of questions on this, I think
I owe you an update:
Yes, the Wealth Manifestation Session Audio CD was recently released.
What this Audio CD does is:

1) First, Extreme Relaxation using a scientific method
2) Then it Releases you from any past bad experineces (Very Important- For
Relationships as well)
3) Impresses your subconscious mind with Abundance
4) Then it shows you a technique to multiply the mindset on daily basis

Check it out yourself here:

I'll talk to you soon.

Your Friend,
Dr E

Dr Eric Amidi is the author of “The Secret Behind The Secret - How To Clear Your Path To Great Manifestations”, and has taught thousands of people how to be more successful in manifestation of their desires in their lives.

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