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... well i must say before i got your book, i was down and out, i will be getting married in 4 weeks and up to a couple of months ago i was employed full time and we have a small business that we have just purchased and just made a huge move to a different state, so you can say everything was happening i was employed for 7 months in my new job but after a couple of months i became unhappy they were not very nice to work for wanted everything but gave nothing always talking down to the staff and treating everyone like they had no worth, instead of looking forward and moving to a different job i stayed because one i was scared to make the move and also not much confidence anyway month and a half ago i asked for holidays to go on my honeymoon that is coming up and after a week of waiting and being told it would not be a problem they called me in late friday afternoon and told me due to production problems there was not more work for me. so of course i went on the hate rampage which if i was honest to myself they had done me a favour as they were affecting my personal business and home life, anyway i purchased the secret dvd as because of my reactions everything had started to go down hill, our business nearly came to a stand still i couldn't find another job money started to disappear and i became more and more depressed, anyway i watched the dvd and watched it and watched it but something was still not right anyway i came across your site and they say things happen for a reason anyway i printed your book and took it home and read it and read it and started to practice it, i meditate every day and things in a couple of weeks have completely turned around people are coming in for us to do jobs we sold a car that we did up for a hobby and we have a great attitude towards life and things just keep getting better, so thank you for helping me to see what was always what was in me, an old lady once told me the limitations we have are the ones we put on ourselves. anyway thank you again for helping me see. Regards carmen & Dave

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