I am led by Gratitude...

Dear Dr. Eric, God lead me to you this morning. For the past 10 months I have been actively participating in an activity that demands focus and encourages its members to use the law of attraction. During the process I have read many books, all of which have inspired me and taught me many things. However, in spite of all the tenacity and courage and willlingness to continue, my results have been less than testimony worthy. Last evening in my conversation with God, I broke down and asked why? This morning before I allowed myself to get out of bed I did my A,B,C gratitude list to shift from dissappointment to gratitude. The first message on my email this morning was from The Motivator, which I ordered yesterday and was unable to download. Guess where I found your website, on the sidebar of the Motivator help desk, which is probably intentional on your part, however listed among many other sites I selected yours. I have downloaded your book and will read it today. It is with great enthusiasm that I embark on this next level of insight. After reading the book and practicing what you suggest, I promise to do that, I am looking forward to reporting back to you outstanding results. God Bless! Kindest Regards, Marilyn

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