My Life Changing Progress...

Dear dr. Amidi. What a pleasure it is to recieve you fantastic e-mails. They always give me strenght and energize my soul. Since buying your e-book for $37.00, i noticed my life becoming different. So different in fact that, my life is getting better, not only in myself, but everything i do. Your -book is magnificent, and it was the best thing i did in buying it. I feel so energized, and i wake up every morning so alive. During the day until the night, i am so alive and aware like never before. I use the infomation from your e-book everyday, and the more i use this in my life, my life is changing for the better. Keep this in mind, it has only been a short time since i purchest your e-book, And already i notice a change in my life and, things seem to fall into place. I would like to say something. I think you are a wonderful and a fantastic person, And i am always excited to recieve your letters. You have truly changed my life and continue to do so. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done, And continue to do for me. I will keep you up to date on my lifes changing progress. Take care. Your friend from Australia, Richard.

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