I Started Afresh, I Am Happy...

Hi Dr Eric i have been reading all mails you have sent me, and trying out, whatever you have written, i must say, you are so so so right about all you say. positive thinking, is the thing here, and i will say that i have changed and my collegues at work say the same, even my relationships, especially my mind. i have a peace of mind and i am still working on it, slowly by slowly i am going to get there. it was always hard for me to let go, i would stay angry for a full month or two, even letting go of a relationship, i would always hope and push my ex to come back, find all means possible, that way stay stuck in a bad relationship because i didnt want to be alone. after reading what you have written, i let go, all the bad memories, and things, put them in the past, and started a fresh, i am happy. i am going to be the happiest woman, and rich. thank you. Jessica

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